MEDLINE MeSH Classifier


The MeSH Classifier is a tool developed by Quintelligence to classify free text with the latest MeSH Headings provided by NHS. It is based on the DMOZ classifier, learning over 80+ years of MEDLINE data, and over the MeSH tree with 16 major categories and a max of 13 levels of deepness. It provides all the classifying categories with position number and (cosine) similarity weight, with a slider and a number of max categories visible. It available through a web app and an API. 

  • designed to classify free text of any nature with the classes of MeSH Headings where MEDLINE is based on, to which health professionals are familiar with  

    MIDAS MeSH Classifier Demo

  • it can classify articles that haven't yet been annotated by the NHS, or official WHO documents of interest
  • it can also classify news articles and be used to monitor worldwide news based on the classification provided at the MeSH Headings  

The core system was developed by the AI Lab at the IJS and refocused by Quintelligence within the MIDAS project to use the MeSH Headings to classify free text. It can be implemented in premises to work with proprietary data. It is currently available as Open Source under the BSD license.